Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • If you want to visit our enlisted properties, you must be fixed an appointment schedule at least one day in advance. And if you want to cancel the fixed schedule, you have to inform us of the minimum two hours ago.


  • Before visiting the project, you must see the pictures or videos of the project and inform the preliminary decision to the agency. (In the interest of saving your valuable time)


  • Must have a detailed idea of the location and the project before directly visiting any projects.


  • The properties must be visited during daylight hours within office time 10 am to 5 pm.


  • Interested customers or tenants must share their approximate budget and payment planning with the agency. (must be consistent with that project for a smooth deal)


  • Customers or tenants must make sure his personal and professional accurate information to the agency.


  • The property cannot be visited by anyone other than an officer of the agency. (ID card must be worn)


  • Absolutely refrain from sharing any kind of personal or professional information with anyone else who is stationed or on duty during the project visit. (Except our officer)


  • Before purchasing or renting a property, the interested buyer or tenant will have the one-time opportunity to see the specific project with his family members, so we want the presence of the key decision-maker.


  • We are not interested in any kind of negotiation before inspecting & selecting our projects.


  • The correct value of the property has to be paid within the stipulated time as per the final payment schedule. (Emergency may be considered)


  • The interested buyer has to verify all the legal papers of the preferred property with his own lawyer by paying 3% of the total value of the property to the agency as booking money by account payee bank cheque. (Subject to filling the booking form with appropriate information)


  • If any problem is found in legal matters, and according to the real estate law of Bangladesh, this property is incorrect also proved to be inconsistent by the opinion of the well-experienced & professional real-estate lawyer and in that case agency also failed to fix it properly, then we will refund the booking money within a maximum of six working days.


  • But after paying the booking money & completed the all booking procedure, If a buyer refuses to buy the property or wants to cancel the deal for any kind of personal reason, the paid booking money will be considered non-refundable. (The full booking money will be deducted as a service charge of the agency)


  • After the signing of the sales agreement or contract with the property owner, if for any reason the property buyer expresses inability to buy the property or fails to pay within the stipulated time, the contract or agreement will be canceled. Then within the short time of receiving the cancellation letter from the customer, only 10% of the money will be deducted from the paid amount and the rest of the amount will be must be refunded to the customer after the sale to another party. (Maximum three months time)


  • Only the amount of money mentioned in the deed can be paid to the property owner for the purchase of the property, the rest of the amount must be paid in cash to the property owner. Otherwise, the buyer will have to bear all the gov’t tax on the extra money mentioned in the pay order.


  • The buyer must register the property, according to the area-wise minimum mouza value, which is fixed by the government, at its own expense but the process by our legal team.


  • The property buyer must pay all the registration-related costs. Ex- gain tax, stamp duty, local tax, Vat, AIT & all kind of others miscellaneous costs)


  • The whole legal documentation process including all types of legal matters, Ex- Name transfer, Sales permission from concerned authorities, Deed of agreement, Contract signing, Registration, Permission of mutation, Final mutation has to be solved only by the legal department of our agency to pay the service charge & legal fees.  


  • In the interest of legal documents verification, If any paperwork is required to solve or if there is any defect in legal issues, the property owner will bear all costs to solve it smoothly at his own expense by our concern department.


  • All up-to-date utility bills and others pending costs must be paid by the property seller before handing over the property to the buyer.


  • If any kind of renovation or change of fittings is required inside the apartment, the buyer will have to bear it at his own expense as per his own choice.


  • It is strictly forbidden to offer any kind of reward or financial benefits to our officers or employees for successful completion of any property deal with professionally & sincerely.