Terms & Condition



1. For interested sellers, our expert team will first visit the Property.


2. Photos and videos will be taken of the property to be presented to management and for market survey and valuation.


3. An offer will be made to the seller according to the market survey results and the property's intrinsic value. 


4. The valuation of the property depends on but is not limited to –


***Construction Design.

***Quality of Materials Used.

***Developer’s Reputation.

***Project Design.

***Floor Plans & Layout.

***Features & Amenities.

***Modernization and Resourcefulness.

***Project Environment.

***Neighbors, Common Facilities.

***Transparency of Legal Documents & others's the critical issue.


5. All the legal documents will be verified by our legal team. For legal complications, the seller/owner will bear the full cost of legal solutions during the time of selling the property through The Property Park legal team.


6. A meeting will be set with the owner/seller of the property regarding signing an agreement for enlisting his property.


7. In cases where the property owner is in financial distress, the agency will consider providing some financial support on a contractual basis until the property is sold. Or monthly rental benefits. (Condition Apply)


8. After enlistment, our sales and marketing team will advertise the property to potential buyers through different channels of marketing.


9. After finding qualified and appropriate buyers, interested buyers will be invited to visit the property along with one of our sales officers. A time will be set at the convenience of the buyer and seller.


10. For customers interested in the property, a meeting will be held with our management with the potential customer for negotiation and further proceedings of acquiring the property.


11. An agreement signing ceremony will be held after the fixation of registration and possession handover date.


12. At the time of registration, the complete amount of money according to the MOU/sales agreement or deal will be handed over to the real landlord and the possession will be handed over to the buyer with the coordination of the agency.


13. All these procedures will be held in the presence of the owner of the property, buyer, building committee, and agency. (If required)


14. All the original documents are to be handed over to the present buyer through the agency after paying all the necessary utility costs (if applicable).




* For interested buyers, the buyer needs to collect all the details of the property from the website and call center.


* For initial screening, the buyer can take a virtual tour of the property through photos, and videos and get an initial idea of the location through Google location map.


* If the buyer is interested after taking the virtual tour, he will set an appointment by calling our call center at 01511505506 for a physical visit of the property in the daylight. (Pre-scheduled appointment only) 


* For each property inspection by our sales consultants you have to pay an appointment fee of 1500/-BDT by paying through the company's official payment Link. (As per your convenient time within office hours) 


* Make sure to bring the primary decision-maker and your dearest family members while visiting the property.


* The property will be visited by one of our officers with an ID card. A personal visit is prohibited without our concern.


* During the visit, the visitor must refrain from sharing and collecting personal information with anybody such as security guards, caretakers, building managers, staff, property owners, and tenants. Information can only be collected and shared with the visiting officer of the agency.


* After the visit, if the buyer is interested in the property, a negotiation meeting will be held with the management.


* All services will be provided and handled by the agency in a professional way.


* After fixing the price, the booking procedure must be done by signing a booking form with the information of the buyer.


* The booking procedure must be finished by paying a minimum of 5% amount of the total property value. (To Agency)


* After completing the booking procedure, the agency will provide a copy of all the legal documents to the buyer for further verification from the buyer’s side for personal satisfaction. Although all documents are verified by the agency’s lawyer panel.


* If there is a dispute in legal documents, the agency is bound to refund the full booking amount.


* The agency is not bound to refund the booking money if the buyer wants to cancel the deal for any personal reasons. Because the agency might miss out on potential clients in the meantime.


* After verifying the documents of the property through the buyer’s own legal concern, a sales agreement will have to be signed according to the deadline of possession handover and registration time with the property owner in the presence of the agency.


* If the buyer wants to cancel the sales agreement for personal reasons, a 10% amount will be deducted from the paid amount to the property owner and the outstanding money will be refunded according to the sales agreement. (Without Agency's Service Charges)


* After the sales agreement between the property owner and buyer, the agency charge or booking money can no longer be refunded for any kind of issue.


* All fees, related to sales permission, Registration fees, mutation, VAT, local tax, stamp duty, AIT, capital gain, and all other miscellaneous costs are to be paid by the buyer. (Process by the agency)


* If the buyer wants to register the flat at a higher price than the area-wise mouza value then the buyer needs to pay the additional tax as per government rules.


* For renovation and fitting repairment purposes the buyer must carry all costs.   


* The possession handover must be held in the presence of the agency and the previous property owner.


* The buyer must carry all legal procedures through the agency till mutation. Otherwise, if the buyers want to do the legal procedures through their own lawyers, the agency will bear no liabilities and all liabilities will belong to the buyer.




* For interested renters, our expert team will first visit the Property.


* Photos and videos will be taken of the property to be presented to management and for market survey and valuation.


* An offer will be made to the seller according to the market survey results and the intrinsic value of the property.


* After enlistment, the property owner cannot have any to-let board. Because it may cause a misunderstanding between the agency and the property owner as agency customers might get misguided.


* The property owner has to pay the agency one month of rental fees as a service charge once the property has been rented.


* The landlord must refrain from sharing any personal information with the visiting customer.


* After the enlistment with The Property Park Limited, the property owner cannot assign any local broker or mediator personnel for renting purposes.


* During the agreement signing with the tenant, the property owner must pay the full amount of the agency service charge.


* After the property has been rented out, the agency will not be liable if there is a dispute between the tenant and landlord in the future.


                                    Thank you for your valuable time giving & Interest in Us!