Dispute & Settlement

* All types of deed Registration.


* All types of property mutation.


* All types of Sales Permission from the government or concerned authorities.


* All types of records related to Ledgers Lifting or rectifications. (CS,SA,RS,BS & City Jorip)


* All types of Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC) & No Objection Certificate (NOC) Lifting from concerned departments.


* BIA Deed Lifting or Verifying.


* Records Searching & Proper Verifications.



* Building Plan Approval from Concerned Authorities.


* Land Tax updating.


* Holding Tax updating.


* Rajuk related any dispute solving.


* Housing ministry-related any dispute solving.


* Power of Attorney.


* Sales Agreement Making.


* Rental or Sales Deed Making.


* Withdrawal of inheritance certificate.


* Withdrawal of succession certificate.


* AC Land office-related any dispute solving.


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