1 Why this Company name The Property Park?

The name originated from the idea of a virtual place that will be an exhibition for selling or renting purposes in various types of properties. From the exhibition of properties, the customer can pick the best property according to his requirements. These are the main significance behind the name “The Property Park.”

2 Is The Property Park a government registered organization?

Yes, The Property Park Limited is a fully verified & government-licensed limited liability company in Bangladesh.

From RJSC - Certificate of Incorporation Number: C-176731 Under the company act XVIII of 1994.

From City Corporation - Trade License Number: 147170 - For Real Estate

Tax Identification Number (TIN): 820360121850 - NBR

Business Identification Number: 004477672-0101 - VAT

3 What types of services are provided by this Company?

We provide services related to the properties (Land/residential/commercial) buying, selling, renting, resolution of property disputes, and provide legal solutions related to property. 

4 What are the benefits of buying a property through a real estate agency?

There are several issues in buying a property alone directly from the seller. Some issues are legal documentation, payment-related problems, market valuation, time-consuming, and other fraudulent issues. But the agency provides a time-saving and hassle-free service. The agency verifies all the documents and ownership of the property beforehand. Not only that, the agency does a market survey for a proper valuation of the property and ensures a smooth deal until the handover to the property buyer.

5 What’s the difference between local broker/media and a real estate agency?

A media or local broker works to create a communication between the buyer and the seller of the property directly. 
In that process, Everything from visiting, deal closing, legal procedures, etc. is to be carried out by the buyer and seller. On the other hand, an agency provides a more complete solution from start to possession handed over. It starts from inspecting, marketing the property, bringing potential customers to visit, closing the deal, and finally all the legal procedures until the mutation.