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First, Thank you for visiting the website of The Property Park Limited!

I am really glad; you are interested in us & appreciate to you.

I am Rumon Raaz, men of the Feni district.


I have been pursuing my dream of doing real-estate business since 2008. I have completed my first class result in post-graduation from government titumir college, Dhaka, and have gained a lot of practical experience to establish myself in this field. Also, I have worked for various listed top Real- Estate developer companies for a long period of 10 years.


Housing has been one of the basic needs since the beginning of civilization. We offer the best quality apartments & hassle-free property to you for safe & happy living.


For the first time in 2019, I started my real estate business with a promise to serve people. This sector is a place I love & admire.


My goal is not just to make a profit commercially I am committed to groundbreaking services & great experience, those who are interested in investing in the real-estate sector in the country for my best effort, knowledge, passion & better customer satisfaction through my long experience & research.


I believe that a sincere service & professional attitude can win the hearts of people, where they can have unwavering confidence and may refer people close to them to take our cordial services.


With our full cooperation, we want to build a beautiful bridge so that people can easily, buy, sell or rent any property without any hassle and we want to play a responsible role in this journey of people.


In Bangladesh I want to establish ourselves as a first-class & remarkable property agency, we believe our Expertisement & our all of the people are very energetic, efficient, skilled, sincere, and ready to serve professional services.


At Last, I also believe that through these initiatives and pursuits, you will play a much helpful role in resolving all your housing problems & fulfilling the dreams of me & you by smoothing our long journey.


You can choose the property of your choice from our verified collection safely and with credibility.


So, I welcome you to accept our sincere services with a fast & accurate solution to any property-related issues.


Thanks & kind regards –

Muhammad Yeasin Rumon (Raaz)

Managing Director & CEO

The Property Park Limited

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