Code of Standards


 A convenient & moving-free location would be acceptable.


The property must be worth at least 50 Lac Taka BDT for Sell.


 A maximum of 20 years old would be acceptable from the end of the construction.


 The minimum monthly rent should be 1 lac taka for Apartment Rent.


Minimum 20 Feet wide Front side Road would be acceptable.


Adequate ventilation must-have for natural light & Air.


Minimum height 6 storied building would be acceptable.


 The parking area must-have in the ground floor or basement.


Emergency room & Lift must-have in the Building.


Minimum 5 Feet distance from building to another building.


Standard & good construction quality must-have.


 A maximum 30% deviation would be acceptable.


Must be proper construction rules followed by BNBC, RAJUK, or concerned authorities.


 The internal condition of the Apartment must be good & elegant.


Mosaic or general floor is not acceptable.


Minimum 2 beds/2 toilets/2 balcony is required.


Land & Apartment related legal papers must be transparent & hassle-free.


Must be Ready for Living with the well standard community.